The Studios

Get the “Artist Residency” and gain access to our state of the art studio spaces. A range of acoustically treated and designed studio spaces, with top of the line of equipment, including vintage machines and modular racks. Each one with its unique personality.
  • No more annoying neighbours, with our professional isolation.
  • No more time wasting, with our direct Plug&Play studios.
  • Stop Dreaming of unaffordable gear. We have you covered with a wide range of new and vintage equipment including our modular systems.
  • No time constraints. Produce around the clock 24/7.
  • Access to technical assistance to ease your work flow.

Pro Studio

El mejor equipamiento técnico y una acústica personalizada a tu total disposición.

Tech rider

Monitores Focal Procesador DSP UAD Tarjeta Antelope Audio Pre amplificador & EQ Compresores Analógicos Warm Audio Dangerous Music Analog Summing

Analog Studio

El mejor equipamiento técnico y una acústica personalizada a tu total disposición.

Tech rider

Genelec Monitors
Audio Interface Metric Halo
DP4 Multi FX
Thermionic Culture The Fat Bustard MKII Analog Sum
Chandler Limited TG2 Dual Mono Mic Preamp
Empirical Labs Distressor

Dj Booth

Reserva la Dj booth y prepara tus sesiones, prueba tus temas y disfruta tu música! Powered by Pioneer.

Tech rider

3 x CDJ-2000NXS2 1 x DJS-1000 1 x DJM-900NXS2 2 x PLX-1000 turntables 2 x RM-7 Powered by Pioneer


Discover our training program, the mixing & mastering studio to make your tracks sound pro, apply for your favorite masterclass, improve in our advanced workshops & more.

Mixing & Mastering Studio

Estudio de Mezcla y Mastering dónde trabajaremos en tus tracks con la mejor acústica y equipamiento analógico.

Tech rider

Monitores& Sub Neumann Convertidores A/D D/A Mytek Ecualizador SPL Passeq Ecualizador Crane Song IbisCompresor limitador Pendulum Audio OCL-2 Compresor Foote Control Systems PS3 Mastering Edition Insert Switcher  Knif Audio Dangerous Music Analog Summing

Modular Studio

Accede a nuestros workshops privados y aprende a producir con modulares! Coming soon

Tech rider

Verbos Harmonci Oscillator
Intelijell Shapeshifter
Endorphin Further Generator
Mutable instruments Plaits
Mutable Instruments Braids
Acid Lab 303
Domino Monophonic Synth
Intelijell Plonk
Noise Engineering Basimilus Alter
Deleptronics LPD-2
Sequenzers / Arpeggiators:
Mutable Grids
Noise Engineering Zularic Repetitor
WMD Arpitecht
Touring Machine
Euclidean Circles
Mutable Marbles
Make noise Rene
Intelijell Plog
Modulation Orgy
Xaoc Batumi
Make noise Math
Erica Synth Black VC EG
Intelijell Quadra
ALM Pamelas New Workout
Intelijell Dual ADSR
Clock Dividers:
Make Noise Tempi
Pamelas New Workout
Doepfer A-160 / A-161
Erica Synth Black Dual VCF ( Stereo )
Xaoc Belgrad
A-106 XP- VCF
Serge Variable Q VCF
Rossum Music Evolution
Make Noise Morphagene
4 ms Dual Loooping Delay
Intelijell Rainmaker
Make Noise Erbeverb
Make Noise Echophone
Styrmon Magneto
Endoprhones Grand Terminal
Doepfer A-199 Spring Reverb
Mutable Clouds
Mutable Rings
Erica Synth Black Hole DSP
4Ms Stereo Triggered Sampler
Make Noise Morphagene
Low Pass Gate
MakeNoise Optamix
Mardax Data
Serge haible Tau Phaser
Xaoc Kamieniec
Serge Tripple Waveshaper
Shuttle Control
Experrt Sleepers ES-3
Output Module:
WMD Performance Mixer
Vermona Tai 4
3-4 Pieces
Intelijell Linix
Pitsburg Dual VCA
Intelijell U-scale
Tip Top Audio Quantizer